Dear friends,
We hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.

Sailing South Crete team would like to inform you that our yacht Soupia is one of the safest places from COVID-19, as we have amplified standard yacht cleaning procedures during the day after our guest’s disembarkation.

We provide special sailing offers, due to coronavirus pandemic, in order for you to enjoy your sailing vacations in Crete!

Have you ever think that your accommodation can follow you to the most stunning coasts?
Set sail with us and we will discover together the most stunning and isolated beaches with crystal clear waters! Take a look in our special vacation offer for a 7-day sailing trip in south Crete and in Gavdos island.

Enjoy your full vacations on our yacht with safety and privacy.

Choose a 7- day sailing trip and explore the magic coasts of Crete and Gavdos island with flexible booking terms.

Price includes the transfer to our yacht from your hotel and back, accommodation in our yacht, linen and towels, drinking water and also snorkelling/fishing equipment.

Our price for a 7- day sailing trip, will reduce from 4000€ to 3150€, in other words, 450€ per day!

Take your family or your friends and join us on a multi-day sailing trip!

Above all, turquoise clear waters of south Crete and the island of Gavdos are waiting for us!

(our yacht can accommodate 6-8 people, take a look for details in our link https://sailingsouthcrete.gr/our-boat/).

Don’t hesitate to ask for our special sailing offers on our daily and on our other multi-day trips!

Join us in our private paradise!

Contact us now to close your dates.

kindest regards,

Annie & Christos


  • Highlights of the sailing trip:

    • 7 days vacation on a boat
    • safety
    • privacy
    • low price, 450€ per day!
    • turquoise clear waters
    • 2 islands, Crete & Gavdos
    • isolated famous beaches:
    • Marmara, Domata, Sougia,
    • Elafonisi, Glika Nera, Potamos in Gavdos island,
    • Sarakiniko in Gavdos island, Tripiti bay in Gavdos island
    • the famous Samaria Gorge
    • the bay of ancient Lissos
    • Loutro, the picturesque small fisher village without roads, accessible only by boat