Sailing Trip: Chania – Mahairida – Kalathas – Thodorou

You don’t need to go far to admire the beauties of the northern side of the Chania Region, provided you see them from the right angle. So we start in the morning setting sail from the Venetian harbour of Chania heading east and towards the beaches of Macherida and Kalatha. The starting point (the marina) is within walking distance from the town of Chania. Travellers from other regions of Crete like Rethymno are welcome to join.

We will enjoy the sea, and the crystal clear waters and we will have some fruit before sailing again towards wider horizons. We will get to the open sea of the Chania bay so as to admire the view from the “other side” and to get a fresh breeze that will give us both thrills and will boost our sails for good.

After 10 miles we will approach the island of Agion Theodoron (also called Thodorou) which hosts the rare species of the Cretan chamois and we will admire their graceful moves on the sharp, steep rocks.
In 1930 the local municipality decided to make the island a nature reserve. It was in 1935 that Theodoros Viglis caught one male and two female Kri-kri in Samaria Gorge and released them on Agios Theodoros so that they could breed with integrity since no other goats inhabited the island. This initial small community of Kri-kri was too small to prevent inbreeding and more Kri-kri were introduced to the community.

On the southern side of the island, we will anchor to dive in the crystal green waters and after having a light meal we will return sailing to the Venetian harbour of Chania.

This trip was our first daily trip to organize with Sailingcreta (our previous company) and we continue doing that now with Sailingsouthcrete!

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sailing trip info

  • Departing time 10 a.m. from the Chania port
  • Returning time 5 p.m. to the Chania port


  • Mahairida, Kalathas, Stavros, Theodorou island, Chania Old Venetian port


  • English speaking captain and crew on board
  • Basic sailing lesson
  • Cretan snack ‘’dakos’’
  • Lunch on board
  • Bottled water
  • Wines and beers
  • Fruit
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Life vests for adults and children
  • Fuel and port fees
  • Taxes