Sailing  South  Crete

Sailing South Crete

Day & multi day trips in Chania region

skippered yacht charter

what we do

We organize daily and multi day trips exploring together the amazing coastline of South Crete. Try your hand at sailing,if you wish, as we enjoy the  turquoise, crystal clear waters of Crete swimming or snorkeling. The sense of isolation and privacy a sailing trip offers is unique as we approach famous beaches and see them at their best .Join us in our private sailing paradise!

Christos & Annie


why with us

We love sailing and we have a vast 22-year sailing experience having won the Aegean International Sailing Rally six times.
We are the only company organizing sailing trips in South Crete. Having the largest sailing yacht in Chania enables us to organize  multi-day trips without limitations.Our company Sailingsouthcrete, is the next evolutionary step after Sailingcreta, our previous company.

day trips

Join us on a daily private trip to the top coasts of Crete
Sailing Trip: Chania – Mahairida – Kalathas – Thodorou
Sailing daily trip on the top coasts of Crete

multi day trips

A multi day private sailing trip to the south Crete is an ideal choice to explore some of the most remote places of the island and even indulge in the art of sailing
6 days sailing in the Southern Islands of Europe
Sailing & Hiking
Sailing Trip: Seven day cruise (7-day)
Our suggestion for a multi day cruise (2-4 days)
Lagoon of Balos, Island of Gramvousa
Gavdos : the southernmost tip of Europe